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Band "Nero" was created by bringing together professional musicians from Dubrovnik with many years of experience gained at home and abroad. With high quality performance and carefully selected repertoire which monitors national and global trends, we became highly respected band in Dubrovnik hotels and also collaborated with majority of travel agencies.

For many years band "Nero" has been successfully collaborating with Dubrovnik's finest musicians in order to provide variety of musical assortment, so we are now able to offer You a variety ofcombinations:

- Band "Nero" - 4, 5 or 6 people (male or female professional singer, or both)
- Trio "Nero" - 3 members (keyboards, electric. guitar and ac. guitar + vocals)
- Duo "Nero" -2 members (keyboard and guitar + vocals)
- Duo Guitars "Nero" - 2 members (two acoustic guitars + vocals
- One man band - 1 mamber (keyboards + vocal)
- Authentic Dalmatian choir "Nero" - 2 or 3 members (guitar, mandolin and/or accordion + vocals)

All our performances are uniformed and well prepared. Depending on your preferences and needs we can include professional female vocalist in the first two options. Currently the band has a permanent summer gig at Valamar Club (ex. Minceta) and hotel President. You are welcome to come and see our live performance. We are at your disposal for any inquiries.